Writer Kanika Dhillon trolled on social media due to Kanika name

Writer Kanika Dhillon trolled on social media due to Kanika name


New Delhi (New Delhi). There was a stir after the news of Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor being Corona positive. The reason was that Kanika was not only wandering in different places continuously for the last few days, during this time she met about 400 people, in which the risk of infection was greatly increased.

Kanika's negligence and danger of others life He was trolled badly on social media due to his actions. However, in the meantime something happened to the writer Kanika Dhillon that she got confused for a while. In fact, some Twitter users started trolling considering Kanika as Kanika Kapoor. Because the first name of both of them is the same, then people started roasting Kanika Dhillon on Twitter without thinking.

One user wrote angrily on Twitter, Kanika did not spread it to everyone and these people themselves Celebrity speaks, damn it, put him in jail, Kanika Dhillon saw this tweet, then understood the matter there in a while and he also responded to this Twitter user. Dhillon wrote, Sir virus has gone to your mind, every Kanika has to be picked up and put in jail.

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