World Health Organization said: corona epidemic


New Delhi. The Corona Virus or Kovid-19, which is causing worldwide furore, has been declared an epidemic by the World Health Organization (WHHO). More than four thousand people have died in the world due to this virus. About 1 lakh people are infected with this virus.

The head of the WHO said on Wednesday that the new Corona virus can now be called an epidemic. The President of the World Health Organization, Tedross Gebreyes, said in Geneva that Kovid-19 can now be called an epidemic. He said that we have never seen such an epidemic of corona. The World Health Organization said that we have assessed that the corona virus (COVID-19) can be seen as an epidemic.


India: 60 positive cases of corona virus so far Have arrived. Meanwhile, the Indian government has announced the suspension of tourism visas in India by 15 April. Apart from this, the number of corona virus positive cases in Maharashtra has increased to 11. It has 2 positive cases in Mumbai, 8 in Pune and one in Nagpur.

China: With the death of 22 more people due to corona virus in China, the death toll in the country has reached 3158. China's National Health Commission (NHC) reported that 24 new cases of corona virus and 22 deaths were reported from mainland China on Tuesday.

In China, a total of 80,778 people have been confirmed to have been infected by Tuesday. These include 3,158 people who died due to illness in the last three months, 16,145 people undergoing treatment and 61,475 people left from hospital after improving health. The outbreak of Kovid-19 is gradually decreasing in China but the number of cases coming from outside is increasing here where foreigners and locals have started returning to work in Beijing and other cities.

Italy : According to the news from Rome, the ban on entry into the country continued for the second consecutive day on Wednesday, due to the death of 631 people in Italy due to Corona virus. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has asked the citizens of his country to travel only for urgent work or health reasons. In the midst of this proclamation, Pope Francis held a public meeting and appealed to the clergy to meet the sick, while Conte discouraged it.

America: America has deployed the National Guard for the first time to combat the disease. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, who claimed to be the Democratic nominee for presidential elections in the country, have canceled their election rallies as people from various fields, including politics in the US, have been infected with the Corona virus. According to Johns Hapkins University data, at least 28 people have died in the US so far and 1,025 have been found infected with the disease, compared to 550 a day earlier.

Global Impact on stock markets

Corona virus has also had an impact on the global market. In New York, the Dow Jones Index returned earlier this week on Tuesday after the worst session in 11 years. Asian stock markets also saw a boom on Tuesday. A day earlier, global markets had the biggest drop in a decade due to fears about the Corona virus.


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