Vedanta increased its contribution to fight Kovid-19 epidemic to 201 crore

Vedanta increased its contribution to fight Kovid-19 epidemic to 201 crore


^ Vedanta contributed 101 crores to PM-Care Fund.
ज्ञा Pledge of 1 million meals in the country for daily livelihood prescriptions.
देगा Over 50,000 animals will be fed daily in the next one month.
कट Committed to various reliefs across the country through a variety of initiatives.

Udaipur (Udaipur). Vedanta has now contributed 201 crores to the Prime Minister's Civil Assistance and Emergency Situation (Relief-Rescue) Fund, doubling its earlier 100 crore fund. Which will be helpful in providing relief measures to large scale communities across the country. This contribution to the PM-Care Fund will fulfill Vedanta's earlier initiative to create a 100 crore fund, which provides food support to daily livelihood workers across the country in three specific areas, preventive health care as well as the company's various plants Will provide support to places and surrounding communities. In particular, this fund will be used to provide food crisis to the poor and helpless sections of the population due to this epidemic and daily food to 50 thousand nomadic animals. It has ensured import of 23 machines from China for manufacturing PPE within the country. Cooperation is being made with district hospitals to provide marking, disinfectant sprays, medical equipment, and medicines. Isolation wards have been established in Balco Hospital, Naya Raipur Chhattisgarh. A 100-bed hospital is being operated in Korba, Chhattisgarh, while the large Cairn Center of Excellence in Jodhpur has been handed over to the administration to be converted into a quarantine center.

In the last one week, Vedanta has provided rural More than 1 lakh masks and more than 15500 soaps and sanitizers have been provided in the communities. Awareness campaign has been launched in 263 villages for the prevention of Corona virus. A 24-hour health care helpline operated by the Apollo Hospital is being provided to all employees during the Kovid-19 epidemic under employee safety and welfare. Measures have been taken to ensure preventive health care facilities as well as employee safety at all locations in coordination with the district administration. Vedanta employees will be given 1 day salary which will be useful by the company to help provide immediate relief measures to local communities through CM Relief Fund.

Vedanta President Anil Aggarwal said that "ensuring our It is the responsibility that no one dies of hunger. He has appealed to the government to provide at least Rs 8,000 every month to the migrant laborers for the next three months. Transport of essential products has been allowed by the government. It is also important that dhabas and food facilities on the highways be open to truck drivers. We are ready to support any initiative in this regard. "Mr. Agrawal said that it is also important for small and medium and important industries, which contribute to maintaining the economy of the country and work with 25 percent workforce, as they are essential services and continuous process. Are in the category and all of them follow the criteria set by the World Health Organization, Safety and Hygiene. "

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