Uddhav government also in the footsteps of Kejri government, prepares to give 100 units of electricity free in Maharashtra


Mumbai. The Shiv Senanit Uddhav Thackeray government of Maharashtra is also considering implementing a plan to provide 100 units of electricity free on the lines of the Kejriwal government of Delhi government. According to Jamkari, the government will take a decision in this regard in the next three months. In this regard, the State Energy Minister, Dr. Nitin Raut has summoned a report from the officials of the Department of Energy.

Regarding the scheme to provide electricity free of cost, Nitin Raut said that all the power consumers of the state should be given up to 100 units of free electricity The plan is being worked out. Therefore, I have asked the officials of the Energy Department to submit the report within three months. However, there is some doubt in the minds of analysts regarding this decision of Raut. He says that giving free electricity will increase the burden on the state exchequer and it will hurt the financial condition.

In this, a high official of the Energy Department said that the possibilities of providing cheap electricity to the people of the state are being worked out. is. Anyway, subsidized electricity is already being provided to farmers and industries. The official said that with the reduction in production expenses and recovery of outstanding electricity bills, the dream of the Minister of Energy can be realized by cheaper. Electricity consumers in Maharashtra owe about Rs 36,000 crore. The number of farmers is more in the defaulters of electricity. If this arrears are found, then benefits can be given to 100 units of electricity from common man to farmers and industrialists.

After freeing up to 100 units of electricity, the public will get relief. However, those consuming more than 100 units are also demanding exemption on the same lines. A proposal to give exemption for those who spend up to 200 units is also being considered. It is known that Kejriwal government had made a big announcement for Delhiites. Now, there will be no bill for using up to 200 units of electricity. At the same time, if a single unit is over after 201, the bill will have to be paid. However, up to (400 units) will also get 50 percent subsidy. This slab has come into force from 1 August in Delhi. This is not applicable to commercial meters. The bill will be zero for consumption of 200 units or less. Neither fixed charge nor any other charge has to be paid.

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