This is why yellow is considered auspicious

This is why yellow is considered auspicious


People usually wear yellow clothes for auspicious works. Yellow color has also been given special importance in astrology. Yellow color is also believed to be associated with Guru Brihaspati. It is a bright colored part of the Sun. It is part of the main colors and this color is warm and energy-generating by nature. The yellow color has a direct effect on the digestive system, blood circulation and eyes.

The quality of this color

This color has the ability to change the mind. This is the predominant color of Jupiter.
This color brings auspiciousness to life.
Excites the mind and kills negative thoughts.
This eye destroys dosha or negative energy.
Use of this color facilitates knowledge.
Also, good thoughts remain in the mind.
Use this color as follows
You can use this color a lot in the place of reading and worship.
Yellow can also be used on the exterior walls of the house.
Light yellow shades can be used indoors.
Keep yellow handkerchiefs together to avoid negative energy.
You can keep the mind sattvic and pure by applying turmeric tilak.
Keep these precautions
Excessive use of this color can damage the digestive system.
There may be problem of heaviness in eyes and head.
It sometimes also makes them egoistic.
This color sometimes interrupts sleep.

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