Spray of virus destroyer chemical from drones in Indore


Indore. All kinds of precautions are being taken to prevent corona infection, but here a special kind of precaution is being taken. The Indore Municipal Corporation is spraying virus-destroying chemical with a drone in the city. This is the first city in the country where the city is being sanitized through drones. It is believed that the chances of survival of corona virus will be negligible.


Corporator Ashish Singh said that such an experiment has been done in China before, then it is probably the first experiment in the country in which crowded areas are being sanitized through drones. With the help of drones, sodium hypo chloride and bio clean are being sprayed in vegetable markets, major markets, roads and crowded areas.

The municipal corporation has hired two drones from a private company. These drones take 16 liters of chemical at a time and spray for 30 minutes. The drug is being sprayed in an area of ​​8-10 kilometers at a time from the drone.

Special care has been taken to ensure that no one is harmed due to the drug being sprayed through the drone, so this drug is also prepared in a herbal way. Has been. It does not harm anyone who falls on it. These drones have been engaged in sanitizing the city since Saturday.

Earlier, Chinese authorities are working to monitor people through drones in China. Citizens living in rural areas through drones are being advised not to leave the house without wearing masks. At the same time, people gathering at one place are being evacuated.

Before the government's order, preparations have been started to shut shops in the financial capital of Indore by self-lockdown. The state's largest trade organization Ahilya Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called for it to deal with Corona. More than 100 business organizations are involved as members within the Chamber.

After concurrence with everyone on Saturday, it has been decided to close the city's major markets from Sunday to March 31. Only shops for essential items like grocery, vegetables, milk, medicine will be kept open. Closure of shops in the city will help in crowd control in the market.

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