Sources associated with Rajasthan BJP claim: Three dozen disgruntled MLAs in touch with BJP!

Sources associated with Rajasthan BJP claim: Three dozen disgruntled MLAs in touch with BJP!


Jaipur. Sources associated with BJP's Rajasthan unit have surprised everyone by making a new claim. He claims that three dozen disgruntled Congress MLAs are in touch with BJP. If the claim of BJP sources is to be believed, the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot's government in Rajasthan is in danger, just like CM Kamal Nath in Madhya Pradesh. If sources are to be believed, state Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot is upset with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

After MP, political enthusiasts have started growing in Congress-ruled Rajasthan. There have been differences between Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot on some important issues since the victory in the Assembly elections. It is said that Pilot has also complained to Gehlot with the Congress high command. Apart from deputy CM Pilot, MLAs from his side are also said to be upset with Ashok Gehlot. Recently, many legislators of Pilot Camp have also questioned the Gehlot government in the Assembly. It is known that Rajasthan has 200 seats in the assembly, in such a situation, 101 MLAs are needed to form a government. The Congress won 99 seats in the assembly elections held in 2018.

With the help of allies and independents, the Congress easily crossed the majority mark. On the other hand, the BJP which came to power in Rajasthan with a strong majority in 2013 could get only 73 seats. Therefore, after the election, the BJP had to sit in the opposition. Apart from these two parties, the BSP had 6 seats in its account and one seat in the national party. Let us know that after the assembly elections, only after handing over the command of Rajasthan to Ashok Gehlot, there is a tussle between Pilot and them. Meanwhile, BJP sources have claimed three dozen disgruntled MLAs of Rajasthan Congress to be in touch with the BJP.

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