Sona did not see herself as a big playback singer

Sona did not see herself as a big playback singer


Singer Sona Mohapatra quit a corporate job to become a music artist almost a decade ago and has a film of her own today. Sona believes that he has never seen himself as a singer or as a person who wants to become a great playback singer. Sona believes that today people are living in a very fun time. Sona said that "as an artist, there is no need to tie yourself up." I have never seen myself as a singer or as someone who aspires to be a great playback singer. I saw myself as an artist, someone who would express herself in different ways by becoming a storyteller. " There is also a documentary on Sona Mohapatra, produced by himself, while it is directed by Deepti Gupta. She says of it, "This is a journey of three years, 300 hours of footage and speaking of style, it is the first of its kind.

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