Smoking during pregnancy is dangerous, pregnancy can cause many problems

Smoking during pregnancy is dangerous, pregnancy can cause many problems


London. Smoking during pregnancy and the growth of infants have a direct relationship, but the effect of smoking during pregnancy is scarce and differing in evidence about the health of the bones of infants and the risk of fractures at different stages of life. . Researchers have to say this. Researchers at the University of बrebro in Sweden said, "The findings from the study indicate that mother's smoking during pregnancy is related to bone fractures before the age of one year."

He further Said, "Exposure to cigarette smoke during pregnancy is a long-term trend in the risk of fractures in the early stages of childhood or puberty. One does not seem to biological effect. " The research findings stated that 377,970 fractures were identified (at a rate of 11.8 per 1,000 people every year) during this period. Researchers also analyzed this by comparing between siblings to control the unwanted effects of irrational family factors (genetic and environmental) derived from them.

Broadly, the relation of mother's smoking during pregnancy. There are bone fractures in children, which is most likely till the age of one year, but its effects from childhood. Between the ages of 1983 to 2000, the research was based on a population of 1.6 million people born in Sweden. Of the mothers, 377,367 smoked in the early stages of their pregnancy, while 1,302,940 women did not. Its results were observed from birth to the average age of 21 years (maximum 32 years).

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