Shouldered off ten times, operated and corrected

Shouldered off ten times, operated and corrected


Udaipur (Udaipur). The young man from Chittorgarh had landed ten times. For the first time in GBH General Hospital, Bedwas, the operation of binoculars was done by repairing the man's shoulder and repairing the shoulder. Suryakant came to Purohit with complaints of shoulder pain and recurring shoulder. Inquiries and investigations from the patient revealed that the young man had landed shoulder ten times till now. Due to this his bone also started to deteriorate.

It is called Recurrent Soldier Dislocation in medical language. In such a situation, the patient decided to operate with binoculars. The team of Dr. Suryakant Purohit and Dr. Saurabh Aggarwal, while processing Rempilasage, repaired the young man by performing operation with binocin. The young man was discharged 24 hours after the operation.

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