Scindia lashed out at Congress, Rahul, Kamal Nath


New Delhi. Jyotiraditya Scindia said after joining the BJP that public service was no longer possible through the Congress party. He also praised PM Narendra Modi and said that the future of the country is completely safe in his hands. Jyotiraditya also lashed out at the Kamal Nath government of Madhya Pradesh and said that there are farmers, youths stricken and corruption is flourishing.


Jyotiraditya Scindia said, two dates have been very important in my life. The first day is 30 September 2001, the day I lost my revered father. It was life changing day for me. The second date was 10 March 2020, which was his 75th anniversary, where I have taken a decision after facing a new vision, a new twist in life. I have always believed that the goal of politics should be Janusva.

He said, "I have tried to serve the country and state with full devotion in 18-19 years by staying in the Congress party. But the mind is sad that the situation that has arisen today, I can say that the goal of public service is not being met by that organization. That Congress is no longer what it was before. There is an atmosphere of inertia. The new leadership does not get the right recognition.

Scindia targeted the Kamal Nath government, saying, "We had a dream for my home state when the government was formed there in 2018, but in 18 months, those dreams were completely lost." The farmers were told that we would forgive the loan in 10 days, but it could not be done in 18 months.

They said that the bonus could not be received, the hail could not be compensated. If the farmers are distressed then there are no employment opportunities for the youth. It was said that allowance will be given to the youth every month, it is not improved. Corruption is developing where jobs are not generated. Transfer industry is going on there.

Scindia praised PM Modi and said, "No one has got such a mandate in the country as Modi ji has got." He works by being very active, capable and fully dedicated, he has raised the name of the country. They have the ability to work out the challenges and plan for the future, in their hands India's future is completely secure.


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