Saudi Arabia cannot spoil its relationship with India, Saudi’s economic interest from India


Pakistan is not getting cooperation on Kashmir case

Dubai. Pakistan is angered by Saudi Arabia's decision not to raise the issue of Kashmir in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Pakistan is saddened by this attitude of Saudi Arabia, but because of its helplessness, because at the present time it cannot move forward by ignoring or bypassing Saudi Arabia. Foreign affairs expert Qamar Aga says that Pakistan is financially dependent on Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan knows that it cannot move ahead by bypassing Saudi Arabia. Financially, Saudi Arabia is very important for Pakistan. At the same time, repeated attempts to raise the issue of Kashmir have also made a huge difference in the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

According to Qamar Aga, at present, Pakistan's position is not there between this region and the Gulf countries. It used to be earlier. Aga believes that Pakistan has great importance for Saudi Arabia as well. The reason for this is internal security. While the US guarantees the external security of the entire region, Pakistan's role in Saudi's internal security responsibility is very important.

Its importance can be understood from the fact that former Pakistan Army Chief General Rahil Sharif is currently the Commander in Chief of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition. Its headquarters is in Riyadh. Apart from this, there are a lot of Pakistani soldiers present there who are playing a big role in protecting the royal family.

Qamar Agha says that the way Saudi Arabia has been helping Pakistan financially in the past, it will not be able to move forward. . This is because of the way in which the prices of crude oil are falling in the international market, it is very difficult for Saudi Arabia to manage itself. This is the reason why Saudi Arabia is investing in other things for the strength of its economy rather than relying only on oil.

Mention the relationship with India, then Indians also play an important role in the strong economy there. Used to be. In the case of its oil too, after eliminating the purchase from Iran, India is among the biggest oil buyers of Saudi Arabia. Apart from this, the price of oil is also paid by India. Because of this, the image of India is not only good for Saudi Arabia, but also in other Gulf countries.

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