Sanitizer Tunnel made from Corona to Safety, Tamil Nadu in just 3 seconds

Sanitizer Tunnel made from Corona to Safety, Tamil Nadu in just 3 seconds


Chennai. Corona cases are increasing rapidly in the country. The number of infected in the country has crossed 1700 and so far 52 people have died. In Tamil Nadu also, the number of infected people has increased rapidly in the last two days. After this, all the measures are being taken by the Government of Tamil Nadu to stop the Corona virus. In this episode, a tunnel has been made to stop the Corona virus in Tirupur district. This tunnel is installed at the entry point of the market. Whoever comes to the market first has to go through this tunnel. In this small tunnel, a distance of 3-5 seconds is required. During this, it is sprayed with a sanitizer.

In Tamil Nadu, there were 124 cases of corona till Tuesday night. 50 people who returned or came into contact with Tablighi Jamaat located in Nizamuddin, Delhi were found corona positive. At present, all the people are kept in isolation ward. According to the Government of Tamil Nadu, 1500 people from the state had gone to the Markat of Jamaat. In this, 1130 people have returned. Out of the people who returned, 515 people have been identified. Corona test of these 515 people was done, out of which 50 people have been found infected. Apart from this, the remaining people are being searched.

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