Researchers claim scientists: Avocado improves brain capacity

Researchers claim scientists: Avocado improves brain capacity


New Delhi (New Delhi). Avocado can improve the brain damage of obese people. Obese people can improve concentration by consuming an avocado in their diet daily. Researchers have to say this. According to scientists, the days are gone when the fatty fruit avocado was consumed only for weight loss. It also helps in improving cognitive functions in obese people. Avocado is also called butter fruit. Rich in vitamin A, B, E, fiber, minerals, and protein, this fruit is dark green.

Research on avocado has revealed that regular consumption reduces the risk of cancer. is. This prevents cancer cells from growing in the body. Consuming a certain amount of avocado clears the stomach. Avocado contains sufficient amount of fiber, which relieves problems like constipation, acidity. People who have digestive problems are advised to eat avocado. Beta-sitosterol present in avocado helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Regular intake of avocado reduces the risk of osteoarthritis. In addition, avocados are found to contain very important minerals including zinc, phosphorus, copper, calcium, and selenium, etc. Studies have shown that avocado intake may increase the antiatherogenic properties of HDL cholesterol, thus relieving the heart problem. Are.

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