Remove negative energy items from home

Remove negative energy items from home


Everyone wants happiness in life, but many times we do not get success even after much effort. According to Vastu Shastra, some things bring negativity to the house. By keeping these negative energy items at home, a person also has to face bad luck and poverty. Such things should not be forgotten and kept in the house.

According to Vastu, torn and old photographs of Gods and Goddesses or broken idols also cause economic loss. Therefore they should be flown into a river.
Often there is a bundle of torn and worn clothes in people's homes. Negative energy is also created in the house by torn or old clothes or sheets. Such clothes should be donated or used for any other purpose.

No broken or unnecessary items should be kept in the house. This causes Vastu Dosh in the house, due to which the arrival of Lakshmi is halted.
Dirt lying on the roof of the house can also increase the cash strait. This has a bad effect on the Barkat of the family. Do not put junk or waste items on the roof of the house at all.

Many people keep unnecessary stones, pieces, rings, amulets, etc. in their house. Without knowing which one is benefiting and which one is causing damage. Therefore, we should remove such items from the house.

It is said that the picture of Taj Mahal, sinking boat or ship, fountains, pictures of wild animals and thorny plants should not be placed in the house. This has a bad effect on the mind and by constantly looking at these pictures, good events in life stop the event.

No cupboard of the house or shop should be broken. Broken cupboards cause loss of money. Apart from this, always keep the cupboard closed if there is no work.

Remove spider webs made in the house immediately, these can turn your good days into bad days. Spider webs cause many types of architectural defects in the home-shop, so it is considered inauspicious in the house-shop.

If you have a broken chair or table in your house, remove it immediately. It stops your money and progress.

Also remove the closed watches from the house as soon as possible. Stop watch stops progress.

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