Pakistan is in crisis due to Corona, pressure will be put on the economy if business operations are stopped

Pakistan is in crisis due to Corona, pressure will be put on the economy if business operations are stopped


Islamabad. Corona virus is spreading rapidly in Pakistan. In such a situation, the hands and feet of the government have become cold. Business has been stopped in cities in other countries of the world, including India, to prevent infection of the corona virus, but Pakistan cannot do so.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that it could be done in Pakistan. Is impossible. He said that it was thought about earlier, but this did not happen due to fear of severe injury to the fragile economy of the country. So far 237 cases of infection with the corona virus have been reported in Pakistan.

Imran said that Pakistan cannot afford to shut down cities on a large scale like in western countries. He says that the situation here is not like that of America or Europe. Here 25 percent of the population lives in poverty. If cities are closed, people will be saved from corona virus, but they will die of hunger.

Pakistan has closed cricket stadium, school, college, university. It is believed that the risk of corona virus to Pakistan is more than the rest of the countries. It is easy to move in and out of its borders, the condition of hospitals is poor, the shaking and hugging is part of the tradition and the population of lakhs is illiterate even in big cities.

Apart from all this, the economic condition of the country is not good and It has required many times to take loans from the International Monetary Fund. Imran Khan is also well aware of all these things. Khan says that the economy of Pakistan benefited last year but due to Corona virus, the pressure has increased on him.

Khan has also recommended to the IMF to give concession in repaying the loan given to him. He has said that relief has been sought from the IMF because the industries and exporters of the country have to be given relief. In this difficult time, Khan has also warned to take strict action against hoarders of food and drink items. Till Wednesday, 237 cases have been found in Pakistan, out of which 172 are from Sindh, 26 Punjab, 16 Balochistan, 16 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 5 Kashmir-Gilgit-Baltistan and 2 from Islamabad. At the same time, there was news of the death of a suspect in Lahore on Tuesday. However, it was later confirmed that he did not die from the corona virus.

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