On the conversion cases, the Supreme Court said, making law is not our job


New Delhi. A petition was filed in the Supreme Court on the conversion cases that came to light in many states of the South, that the court should ask the Central Government to enact a law to stop these cases. However, the Supreme Court has refused to do so. The Supreme Court says that making laws is the job of Parliament and not of the court. Please tell that the petitioner appealed to enact an anti-conversion law at the earliest. In this, some examples related to Tamil Nadu were given. This Supreme Court rejected and did not issue any direct instructions to the Center.

The issue of conversion in the country has been in discussion for a long time. The BJP and its associated organizations have raised this issue on a large scale in the politics of the South. It was alleged that Hindus are being converted to Christianity by giving money. In the last Lok Sabha session, BJP MP Nishikant Dubey also raised an issue related to this and appealed that the Scheduled Tribes should not get the benefit of reservation like the Scheduled Castes. However, there was a lot of controversy over this, after which the subject did not move forward. Recently, there was a demand from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad that a law should be made in the country about conversion, so that no one should be lured to convert to religion by giving money.

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