Nirbhaya Case - Pawan executioner said, the four convicts had no regrets over their act

Nirbhaya Case – Pawan executioner said, the four convicts had no regrets over their act


New Delhi (New Delhi). After a long wait of seven years, three months and three days in the horrific Nirbhaya incident in Delhi, Nirbhaya finally got justice. The four criminals of Nirbhaya were hanged on March 20 at 5:30 am. The whole country has declared this day as 'morning of justice'. People expressed happiness by feeding each other sweets.

A new thing came out in this case that Pawan Jallad, who hanged Nirbhaya's convicts, said that he had no regrets for doing such an act. Pawan Jallad further said that no one is allowed to speak in the hanging house, due to which the gestures were acted on the day of execution. I have played my religion by hanging the four guilty of Nirbhaya, this is our ancestral work. He said that the poor should have repented before being hanged, but none of them had repentance.

They told that they had gone to Tihar on March 17 and conducted a dummy trial. Before the dummy trial, he first softened the hanging traps with curd and butter. The traps were repositioned at four o'clock the next day. Pawan hangman told that the culprits were tied and brought to the trap on the morning of the hanging. First Akshay and Mukesh were brought to the gallows home. After this, Pawan and Vinay were taken on a plank.

There were five police personnel with every culprit, they were taken to the plank one by one. After this, the noose of the four accused were connected to two levers. After this, he was contented by putting a cloth on his face and putting a noose around his neck, and according to the time, the lever was pulled and hanged at the behest of the jail officer.

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