Never use these items of others

Never use these items of others


If you also have a habit of asking for and using other things, then leave it. This can bring trouble and misfortune for you. The reason is negative energy. Some things of others are such that if you use them then their negative energy reaches you. Therefore it is advisable to avoid using them.

Clock: It is said that the clock of others should not be used. The watch is linked to the time of the person's life, so it is believed that wearing a watch worn by another may start his or her bad time with you.

Clothes: Wearing the clothes worn by someone Bad luck comes. Therefore, wearing clothes worn by anyone should be avoided. This brings their negative energy as well.

Ring: It is not just about a ring with gems, any metal ring if you exchange it with others, then you are creating problems for yourself.

Slippers: We often wear slippers or shoes worn by someone, this habit can make you a victim of poverty. It is said that if you wear someone else's slippers, then they take on their struggles.

Comb: This is said in terms of health, but also in terms of luck, using the comb is wrong. is. Not only the comb, but whatever material is related to the head should not be shared.

Pen: If you carry someone's pen or pencil, then return it. If you do not do so, you may face financial and career losses.

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