Meeting of three-day music with Mahakumbh 7, preparations and various arrangements


Udaipur. The Mahakumbh of music will be organized in the city of lakes Udaipur from the next month of February 7 to 9, where between the waves, the lake shore and between the city, various funkars of the country and abroad will spread their magic. The event is being organized by Cultural Event Organization "Sahar" in collaboration with District Administration, Tourism Department and Hindustan Zinc Vedanta.

Additional District Collector (Administration) O.P.Bunkar and Municipal Corporation Commissioner Ankit Kumar Singh organized the event. Provided necessary guidelines to various departments to make them successful. He asked to ensure law and order, fire brigade, ambulance, meeting arrangement, cleanliness, mobile toilet, water, traffic, security etc. as well as parking system and wide publicity at the venue. He said that the World Music Festival, being held for four consecutive years, has given new heights to Lakesity's identity in the tourism sector, ensuring the necessary arrangements during the various programs organized on the sands of Gandhi Ground, Amarai Ghat and Fatehsagar, the three main places of the city. Necessary instructions for organizing and making the event grand were also given in the meeting.

In the meeting, Deputy Director of Tourism Shikha Sachs Sanjiv Bhargava and Pekar Haq, the founders of Team Sahar, officers and organizers of other related departments, including Jenna, were present. Bhargava said that famous artists from all over the world will perform in this three-day event. Also, local artists will also show their talent here. Bhargava also informed that a helpdesk will be set up to provide information about the event to the tourists coming to the airport and railway station for the event and there will also be attractive presentations in their reception.

The event will be held in three sessions

Bhargava said that the festival has unmatched vibrant performances and it celebrates cultural diversity in the best way. Spread over three picturesque venues, this festival offers an opportunity to get immersed in the deep variety of music. This diverse music encompasses all the moods of the day, from the meditative ragas in the morning to the real romantic musical performances echoing beside the lake in the afternoon. The evening stage is full of passionate youth music, which brings people of every age group together. Apart from this, local Rajasthani talents also perform at the festival. This gives local artists a prized stage and wide reach.

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