Massive Cancer screening and awareness program today

Udaipur. Pacific Dental College and Hospital Debari, Udaipur, Wonder Cement Plant, Nimbahera, Indian Dental Association, Udaipur Branch and Welsken Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Under the auspices of Mumbai, an investigation and awareness program is being organized in Wonder Cement Plant premises on 4 February 2020.
The Chief Convener of the program, Dr. Kailash Asawa and Dr. Mridula Tank told that in one day under this program At the same place, a new record of oral cancer screening of the maximum patients will be established, in which the goal is to check 1500 plus patients. Earlier, in the year 2016, the record of oral cancer screening of 1291 patients in one day in Bihar is recorded in India Book of Records. In this, oral cancer will be examined by a digital machine tool 'Velcope'.
The initial changes in cancer can be detected within two minutes with this machine. This machine detects the earliest signs of cancer without radiation. Till date this new system has not checked so many patients simultaneously. To make the program successful, a team of 50 dental practitioners of Pacific Dental College will be employed.

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