Manish Sisodia sent notice of defamation to BJP MP Pravesh Verma


New Delhi. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia sent a defamation notice to BJP MP Pravesh Verma. Pravesh Verma is accused of commenting on Manish Sisodia's OSD arrest for his involvement in Sisodia's corruption. Simultaneously, Pravesh Verma also accused the media of taking bribe to Manish Sisodia.

Manish Sisodia demanded strict action against Gopal Krishna Madhav, a Delhi government official arrested for taking bribe. On Friday, he tweeted and demanded that the investigating agency take strict action against him. Sisodia wrote in his tweet, 'I have come to know that the CBI has arrested a GST inspector taking bribe. This officer was also posted in my office as OSD. The CBI should immediately punish him with the harshest punishment. Many such corrupt officers I myself.

Sisodia said that I have 10 to 12 OSDs, the officer caught was one of them. This is a serious matter. If I had known, I would have caught them myself, we have got our minister himself, whoever takes a bribe should be caught. There is no question of timing, zero tolerance on corruption.

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