Lockdown in Rajasthan on 31st of Corona, essential services will remain open

Lockdown in Rajasthan on 31st of Corona, essential services will remain open


Jaipur (jaipur). In view of the increasing cases of Corona virus, the central government and state governments are constantly monitoring the situation. Late Saturday, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan (Ashok Gehlot) announced the lockdown in Rajasthan. Rajasthan will remain locked down till March 31, essential services will remain open. Gehlot said that in addition to the services required under this lock down, all state and private offices, malls, shops, factories and public transport etc. will be closed. To deal with this global epidemic, it is very important for people to stay in their homes. In order to protect the lives of the people from Corona virus infection, the state has given instructions for complete lock-down from 22 March to 31 March, except essential services.

In another tweet, the Chief Minister said That packets of essential food items are available free of cost for one month to two months from street vendors, daily wage laborers and needy families who are outside the NFSA list in urban areas. Instructions have also been given to get it done. These packets will be made available in collaboration with the district administration, municipalities. He said that during this period of disaster, people should not have any problem regarding food items. More than one crore families connected with the National Food Security Act, who get one rupee, two rupees per wheat, have been instructed to give wheat free till May. Gehlot said that all kinds of pensioners did not have to face financial troubles in the conditions born of Corona virus, so the distribution of social security pension to the beneficiaries would be done by the first week of April.

This corps Due to group lockdown and other restrictions, the general public will make its own decisions for decisions to be taken for the needs of the poor and deprived sections. Chief Minister of Rajasthan wise View (Chief Minister) has appealed to the factory owners. He said that my appeal is that no workers should be removed from their jobs in the factories which were closed during the lock down and they should be given paid leave for this period. For this, the Labor Department was instructed to keep constant contact with the factory managers.

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