Kejriwal does not care about the lives of the poor: Manoj Tiwari


New Delhi. Delhi Pradesh BJP President Manoj Tiwari said that before the elections Kejriwal only showed dreams to Delhi, made false promises, but has not been able to execute his own tongue. The Kejriwal government neither opened schools, colleges nor did it increase beds in hospitals. Kejriwal does not care about the lives of the poor. Kejriwal, who has made big talk against corruption before the elections, has not been able to eradicate corruption in his own party.

Under the leadership of Modi ji, the Bharatiya Janata Party has resolved that whatever damage Kejriwal has done to Delhi BJP Will make up Tiwari said that this election is going to decide the fate of Delhi, Kejriwal is false and Rondu government. The people of Delhi gave Kejriwal the honor of Delhi, but Kejriwal's work is seen only on the promotion of posters, billboards, radio, TV.

He said that the dilemma is being created in Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party There are anarchic people who are standing with the protests taking place in Shaheen Bagh, and disturbing the peace of Delhi. The Kejriwal government hatched a disgusting conspiracy to shake up Delhi, due to which Delhi has suffered a lot today. Delhi's security is the biggest issue but the Kejriwal government has put Delhi's security claim to its political interest.

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