Keep these precautions before wearing rubies

Keep these precautions before wearing rubies


Gems have a special effect on our mind and body. This also changes fate, so it is advisable to wear gems in case of planetary problems. While wearing the gemstone, keep in mind that it should be correct because the wrong gemstone has adverse effects.

According to astrology, the gemstone represents the sun. It is said that anyone in whose horoscope the Sun is in auspicious effect should wear Manikya Ratna. Wearing it calms the suffering of the Sun.

This gem is also helpful in getting respect, status to a person, but before wearing Manikya, know that defective ruby ​​does more harm than gain. So keep these precautions before wearing it.

According to Ratna astrology, the manikya in which the oblique lines look like oblique lines or traps is going to destroy the life of the manikya householder.

The manikya in which more than two colors are seen. Let me know that this ruby ​​can bring a lot of troubles to your life.

It is said that rubies that do not have sparkle are going to give opposite results. So never wear a shiny manikya.

Manikya resembling the color of smoke is considered inauspicious and harmful. At the same time, beige ruby ​​is also inauspicious. Before buying it, check that it is not of this color.

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