Jacqueline received surgery advice before her debut

Jacqueline received surgery advice before her debut


Jacqueline Fernandes was given many advices to become a part of the Hindi film industry. Which he has revealed. Jacqueline said that when she came to Sri Lanka to make her career as an actress, she had a lot of difficulties. Please tell that Jacqueline has been Miss Sri Lanka. After this, he had made up his mind to make his career in Bollywood. She said that she was satisfied with herself when she came to India to try her luck in Bollywood, but after coming here, people advised her to change a lot. People asked him to get his nose surgery done, someone said get the eyebrows dark and an agency told him to change his name and keep him a smile. Not only this, the people of the industry used to make fun of his foreign accent too. Jacqueline recounted an incident in which she was in Indian traditional wear during a Diwali party, but her actor friends said that she was wasting so much effort, she was not an Indian. Jacqueline was also offended by this.

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