Investment of Rs 200 crore in Gold ETF in January, highest in seven years


New Delhi. The net investment in Gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) in January has been 200 crores. This is the highest in seven years. Given the geopolitical tensions that have emerged in various parts of the world and the sluggishness in the global economy, investors are turning to safer alternatives. This is the third consecutive month, while net investment has come in gold ETFs. According to data from the Association of Mutual Funds in India (Amphi), there was a net investment of 202 crores in gold ETFs in January, compared to 27 crores in the previous month.

In November it had an investment of 7.68 crores. However, a withdrawal of 31.45 crore was made from the Gold ETF in October. 44 crore was invested in these funds in September and 145 crore in August. The latest monthly investment in gold ETFs is the highest level since December 2012. At that time an investment of 474 crores was made in it. Himanshu Srivastava, senior research analyst at Morningstar Investment Advisor India, said, "The flow of investment in gold ETFs was very strong in January. This is much higher than the December 27 crores.

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