IndiGo engine spoiled in the sky, passengers stunned, emergency landing in Ahmedabad


Ahmedabad. He was forced to return after the private sector airline indigestors crashed into one of the Pratt and Whitney engines of the Airbus 320 Neo aircraft going from Ahmedabad to Kolkata. Even earlier this month, an Indigo aircraft going from Mumbai to Hyderabad returned to Mumbai after engine failure. He had to make an emergency landing within an hour of taking off. For the 23rd time in two years, the engine engine of IndiGo has deteriorated at an altitude of thousands of feet.
Returning en route between flights to Ahmedabad, officials said, "One of the engines of the Ahmedabad-Kolkata 6E 125 flight started vibrating in the middle of the sky.

So the pilot took the plane back to Ahmedabad." Relieved for Indigo. It is said that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had on January 13 extended the deadline to replace all 135 unmodified PW engines of Air 320 Neo aircraft from 31 January to 31 May. In October last year, within the same week, four incidents of air bus A320A Neo aircraft returning to the flight location or engine disturbances were reported. The DGCA then stated that there is a need to take necessary steps and asked Indigo on November 1 to remove the PW engines of the 97 A320 Neo aircraft by January 31.

Indigo said in its response to the matter , 'The plane going from Ahmedabad to Kolkata on Friday morning had to return to Ahmedabad. During the flight, the pilot immediately sent a caution message and followed the standard operating procedure. Earlier, on January 24, when an Indigo aircraft going from Mumbai to Hyderabad was at an altitude of 23 thousand feet, one of its engines with a loud noise was common High vibration started after which it had to be stopped. After this, with the help of an engine, the pilot made the aircraft land safely in Mumbai at 1.39 am.

This was the 22nd case of Indigo Neo's PW engine malfunction in the last two years. A person investigating the case said, 'During ground inspection the low pressure turbine number 3 of engine number 1 was found to be faulty, it had flown for 4006 hours. The aircraft was airlifted through another modified engine, which flew for 1198 hours. 'Flight number 6 E-5384 (A320) carried 95 passengers.

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