If the woman complained to the police station, she fired on her head

If the woman complained to the police station, she fired on her head


Faridabad. In Faridabad, a woman filed a complaint against the accused at the police station. Angered by this, Firre entered the house and opened fire on him. The woman narrowly survived in this incident. The bullet went into the dressing table kept in the house. On the complaint of the woman, the Mujesar police station has registered a case against the accused. SI Vishnu Mitra stated that the woman has been living with her children in the Old Press Colony since 2013.

After the estrangement, her husband left her several years ago. In such a situation, the accused Dilip used to keep a bad eye on the woman under the pretext of help. In December 2019, the woman complained about this to the NIT Mahila police station. After the mediation of the police, both were reached. It is alleged that at half past one, Dilip entered the house after closing the wall and knocking on the door. After this, when M Hila did not open the door, he shot from the window. However, the woman narrowly escaped the incident. After this, the woman called the number 100 and complained to the police control room. The Mujesar police, who reached the spot, registered a case against Dileep. Police is currently searching for the accused.

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