Humanity loses brutally: Nirmal Rani

Humanity loses brutally: Nirmal Rani


Indian history, however, is littered with many history of valor and compassion. There are hundreds of such stories that tell us how many kings of our country or their generals, while walking on the path of truth, turned their teeth against the enemy's armies. Even today, if we read the adventures of the brave Indian soldiers who got the Veer Chakra and Param Veer Chakra in our country, then you will know how our brave traditions are being discharged by our soldiers by putting their lives on. Take, for example, the unmatched valor and courage of the Company Quarter Master Havildar Abdul Hameed Masoudi of the Indian Army.

Veer Abdul Hamid was a Havildar in the 4th Grenadier of the Indian Army during the 1965 Indo-Pak War on 10 September 1965. On displaying his amazing valor in the fierce battle fought in the arid area of ​​Khemkaran sector, he sacrificed the country. For his heroism, courage and sacrifice, he posthumously received the Param Vir Chakra, India's highest army award. Prior to his martyrdom, Paramveer Abdul Hameed destroyed seven Pakistani Patton tanks with only one of his "gun mounted jeeps". These Patten tanks of Pakistan were considered Ajay at that time. That is, the soil of this country has also produced such giants who have the courage to destroy not one or two of their enemies but seven Patten tanks on their own.

But in today's era, the opposite is cruelty, ruthlessness, brutality, The incidents of wickedness, barbarism and cruelty are being seen and heard which are really going to shock any humanist. On this land of heroic people, now in the name of religion and culture, sometimes the exploiters of women are being exploited by the exploiters of humanity to reduce the number of words to write. Ever since the process of attacking a single person, also known as 'mob launching', has started in this country, there have been many such incidents in which many young people have come together Somewhere you are beating sticks with sticks, and somewhere you are carrying out deadly attacks with swords and iron rods. When many people together beat up a single person, at the same time, there are some youths among those same people who are making VDO of that gruesome event.

When dozens of such people are forced to help one The people who are killing at that time are not begging for mercy from these wicked people, but none of these "surmahs" are able to bear the pain of their immense suffering. None of these people is heard saying that just do it, now stop killing. No one has pity on it. And finally, the car itself becomes the second death of Mother India in the hands of these 'nationalistic sons of Mother India'. And in many places even after this shameless death, the sticks are still lathing on his corpse.

Some heartwarming videos have become so viral on social media that it is important to mention cruelty so that it can be understood. That to what extent bestiality has entered some people who call themselves human beings in our country with a history of valor and compassion, and at what extreme mentality of persecution and barbarism. Has reach. In a video, at some place, a person gathers his hands and feet around him and hangs him naked with a rope on the roof, several goons first apply a smooth object like Giris on his bare hips, then repeatedly whip and several people with whips. Are killing Just think, a helpless person with arms and legs tied around and hanging with a rope, cannot even bear his wounds. He was screaming and begging so much that the person's stone also melted. But those poor people had no pity on him. Do not understand that how many people treat a person alone with people in a way that is worse than animals, what bravery it is, what religion is. God can never forgive such merciless people.

Many such videos which are shameful to humanity have been broadcasted on this social media where Gunday is beating and raping a young woman. The girl is begging for mercy, but the hearts of these demons do not budge. Instead of rescuing him from the clutches of the demons, his companions themselves make a VDO of rape and screaming and torture of the young woman. How are these sanskars, how are these people born in the environment, how much their conscience is dead, they do not understand anything. It is also not understood that there is no sister, daughter-in-law, niece or niece in the house of all these demons so that they can guess the pain of a forced woman? Similarly, a young man is holding both hands and both feet by a goon and raising him above the ground, hangs upside down. And many people are showering countless poles and sticks on his back, waist and hip and he is beating the beating young man, screaming loudly but the merciless people beat him with sticks with both hands with full force Are going on.

In the Delhi Sikh massacre of 1984, Gujarat massacre of 2002 and in Delhi violence just a few days ago, there were many such or even terrible incidents which we Hindus or Muslims Or does it raise questions even when we are human. How the pregnant women are torn apart and the baby coming out of the stomach is raised at the tip of the swords and tridents, how to throw alive people into a burning fire to fuel human beings, even 84 years old men. Also, how these things are done in the fire, all these things can be seen well in these demon-possessed humans. Looking at these hawks, it seems that humanity is going to be defeated with cruelty?

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