Hollywood producer Wainstein sentenced to 23 years


New York. Controversial Hollywood filmmaker Harvie Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual offenses. Weinstein was convicted in New York last month.


On Wednesday, 67-year-old Weinstein appeared in court on a wheel chair where his lawyer requested a waiver of sentence, saying that the minimum sentence of five years would be the same as life imprisonment for him. [19659004] But the prosecution said that the way they mistreated women for a long time and the way they showed no remorse, they punished them maximum

Weinstein said something in court for the first time on Wednesday and said that he was deeply sorry but the kind of statements he and other men made during the Me-Two movement have confused him.

Judge James Burke also turned down the argument by Weinstein's team of lawyers in which he had pleaded to have his client sentenced to at least five.

According to BBC reports, 67 c. Lall's Weinstein was convicted of sexual acts and rape on February 24 in a judgment under the #MeToo campaign.


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