Happiness is the goal of contemplation

Happiness is the goal of contemplation


The inability to quit bad habits hurts you. When you are suffering a lot, that soreness relieves you of that habit. When you feel sore from your shortcomings, then you are a seeker. Pain takes you away from attachment. If you cannot remove your fortifications, then expand them. Concern, pride, anger, desire, sorrow give everyone another big dimension, another direction. What is the point of getting angry on small topics? If you want to be angry, then you should be towards eternity, towards Brahman. If you cannot eliminate your ego, then ego that God belongs to you. If attachment falls on you, then become attached to the truth. If envy hurts you, then envy for service. Be hostile to malice; Make contact with guru Get addicted to divinity.

The desires of sensual pleasures are like electricity; As they move towards subject matter, they become ineffective. If you can turn your desires inside you with your skill – towards the center of your existence – then you will get another dimension – eternal happiness, thrill, ecstasy and calm love. Lust, greed and jealousy are powerful because they are only energy and you are the source of them – that pure energy. Loyalty and devotion keep your energy pure, elevate you.

When you understand that you yourself are an electric current of happiness, your cravings begin to decrease and tranquility comes. Death is certain – by remembering this you live in the present moment, free from raga and malice. Desire kills happiness, but the goal of all desires is happiness. Whenever happiness starts disappearing from life, look deep inside – you will find it is happening due to desire. But our desire is only happiness. No creature has been born till today who wants sorrow – neither has it happened before, nor will it happen in future. When your little mind moves here and there, when it gets tired of running, it comes to this conclusion, my desires have taken away my happiness.

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