Every big leader campaigned a lot against Kamal R Khan, but still losing there


New Delhi. Kejriwal's storm has started in Delhi. After the election results came out, it was becoming clear that there was a tremendous wave in favor of CM Kejriwal and AAP, which is now turning into votes. After the tweet of singer Vishal Dadlani from this bumper victory seen in AAP trends, the tweet of film critic Kamal R Khan has also come to the fore. Always making headlines with his disputed statements, KRK has not forgotten this time against the BJP.

He has quipped at the crushing defeat BJP is getting. There tweet 'Every big BJP leader campaigned a lot for the Delhi elections, but still losing there. BJP did politics of sharing in the name of hate and religion. He called people part of the gang in pieces, even to the traitor. But even then, the people of Delhi voted for Kejriwal and rejected Amit Shah & Co. badly.

Singer Vishal Dadlani also tweeted in favor of AAP before KRK. He said that whatever will be good for this country will be there. Now the tweets of KRK and Vishal are clearly showing that a large section of the entertainment world likes Kejriwal's politics.

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