Doctors fighting with coronavirus are facing mental problem


Wuhan. While the number of coronavirus deaths and infected people in China is increasing, efforts are also being made to deal with the virus. Meanwhile, patients and doctors fighting the disease are developing mental problems.

On seeing this, the National Health Commission of China issued a notice on February 2, urging local agencies to provide mental support and counseling. Its purpose was to control the aggressive behavior and mental problems of people affected by the disease. "This epidemic has become a mental problem for many medical staff and we are paying considerable attention to it," said Yang Feud, president of the psychiatric hospital Huiguang.

Yang said that psychological interventions based on prior experience and national standards In the case of, the first step is to categorize people. He said, thousands of patients infected with coronavirus and the doctors treating it most need psychological counseling. The second category is those people who are more likely to get infected by the virus and who are in contact with infected people. The third category is a family of infected people and the fourth class is the scared and terrified masses of the infection.

On the other hand, the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Trados Adhanom Ghebreyus, congratulated the Chinese medical personnel who prevented the corona virus on social media. did. He said, I congratulate the Chinese medical personnel who prevented the epidemic in China, especially in Hupei province. They not only take care of patients under great pressure, but are also collecting data for scientific analyzes of the new corona virus.

WHO Director General Ghebreyusus stressed that with the help of expert data from the medical and scientific fields, new There are international efforts to prevent the corona virus. WHO announced on 6 February that a global research and innovation forum against the new Corona virus would be held in Geneva on 11 and 12 February.

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