Diggi continues to target Scindia, RSS, BJP

Diggi continues to target Scindia, RSS, BJP


Former CM Bole- Gwalior Parchure had given revolver to Gondse

Bhopal. After former Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia left the Congress, former CM Digvijay Singh Scindia has become an attacker on the RSS and the BJP. Mr. Singh is constantly tweeting and targeting. Diggi has said in a tweet that the revolver used by Nathuram Godse to kill Mahatma Gandhi was given to him by Gachhura Parchure. A little more research needs to be done on who Parchure was.

The full name of Pachhure, who was mentioned by Digvijay in a tweet, was Dr. DS Parchure, who was the head of a Hindu organization in Gwalior. There is also an interesting story of how the foreign pistol reached Gwalior, troops were stationed in Abyssinia during World War II along with Lt Gen VB Joshi, commander of Scindia's army.

During this, Mussolini's army surrendered in front of it In arms, he also gave a 9 mm Barreta pistol. The same pistol was brought by Joshi, commander of Scindia's army. After this Jagdish Goyal of Gwalior bought the pistol from the family of Commander Joshi. Then after some time he sold it to Nathuram Godse.

It is being told that Dr. Parchure through his acquaintance had made the pistol deal available to Nathuram Godse for Rs. 500. After this, he also practiced firing for ten days on the banks of the Golden Line, after which he left for Delhi to kill Mahatma Gandhi. At that time no license was required to buy a gun or pistol in the state of Scindia, hence Godse chose Gwalior.

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