Demonstration in Delhi and Pak minister’s support to Kejriwal linked to a link: Yogi Adityanath


New Delhi. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath while addressing the election meeting said that a government should be formed in Delhi which can increase the self-respect of the nation with its development here. He said that here the money is not spent for the development of Delhi, money is spent in the demonstrations that are conspiring against the country, samples like Kejriwal have lost the fleet of Delhi.

Yogi said that the leadership of Modi ji A BJP worker will take Delhi forward. The eyes of the whole world are on those people who came through the movement five years ago. After coming, he has deprived the people of Delhi of basic facilities. Yogi said that those who are sitting in Delhi's Shaheen Bagh had tried to spoil one day in UP too. We collected one pie each from them. But Delhi's Kejriwal government is feeding him biryani.

Yogi Adityanath said that Kejriwal is responsible for pollution in Delhi and the worsening situation of Yamuna, demonstrations in Delhi and Pakistan's minister's support to Kejriwal are closely linked. He said that if India becomes a superpower in the world, Pakistan's name will be removed from the world map.

He said that after the Supreme Court's order on the Ram temple in UP, there was no strength in the eyes of any Mai, who would protest, Kavad During the yatra we had made it clear that those who will oppose the Kavad Yatra will explain with that first quote, even if they do not agree, the bullet is for their reception.

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