Defense Expo: AKT-47 Bullet Helmet Can Stop Bullet


At the Defense Expo, equipment designed for the security of the country is being demonstrated

Lucknow. At the Defense Expo organized by the Ministry of Defense in Lucknow, the equipment of different institutions designed to protect the country is being demonstrated. At the Defense Expo, where the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has exhibited all the upcoming generation defense products for CRPF, the Army College of Military Engineering has also showcased many special devices. A Hitech helmet has been displayed at the Defense Expo by the College of Military Engineering. According to officials, this 1.4 kg helmet can be used soon by the army. The specialty of this helmet is that it can intercept any AK-47 bullet from a distance of 10 meters.

This helmet is a gunshot locator developed by the College of Military Engineering. With this help, the location of a firing point can be traced from a distance of 400 meters. With the help of this helmet, it will be very easy to find the location of a terrorist who is firing on a target from a distance. With the help of this gunshot locator, after the location of the person firing, he can be piled up at the same place. In addition, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), in collaboration with IIT-Roorkee, has created a Security Surveillance System.

IIT Roorkee claims that it can be of great help to the military forces. Prof. Kamal Jain of Civil Engineering Department at IIT Roorkee said on Thursday that in this regard, good response has been received from various sectors of defense production and other partner agencies of BEL. In collaboration with BEL, it will be materialized. Improvement in business efficiency and cost will also come down. Jain said that under the Security Surveillance System many important tasks will be done, including surveillance of a place, security, military secret information (border surveillance), detection of suspicious activity, etc.

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