Corona crisis - Railways relaxed rules, now ticket refund will be up to 45 days

Corona crisis – Railways relaxed rules, now ticket refund will be up to 45 days


New Delhi (New Delhi). In order to prevent the infection of Corona virus (Kovid-19), the railway has decided to relax the rules to withdraw money by canceling the reserved tickets purchased from the reservation counter to avoid congestion. Official sources of the Railway Board said that the rules for cancellation of e-tickets remain unchanged, for them Passengers are not required to come to the station but tickets purchased from PRS counters, on March 21 to April 15 The rules for cancellation of the journey between have been relaxed.

According to sources, refund of the canceled train ticket between 21 March to 15 April in the current rule for three hours to 72 Between hours is taken, but under the new rule, refund can be taken anytime up to 45 days from the date of travel. If the train is not canceled, but the passenger himself cancels his itinerary, then the passenger can file TDR within 30 days from the date of journey. Such TDRs will be sent to the Claim Office of the Chief Commercial Manager and refund will be paid within 60 days after verification of the train chart.

According to sources, people who cancel the tickets by calling the phone number 139 also visit Refunds can be withdrawn from the counter within 30 days of the date. The railway has appealed to the passengers to take advantage of these facilities and also avoid coming to the station to avoid Corona. In view of the Corona crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a public curfew on March 22, in view of which the railway service will be closed across the country on Sunday. According to the railway, from midnight on March 22, no train will operate from any station in the country. Apart from this, food plazas, refreshment rooms, mass meals and cell kitchens have been asked to be closed from Sunday till further orders. The railway has also ordered the catering service to be closed inside mail and express trains.

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