Corona crisis- PM's public curfew supports 7 crore traders, shops will be closed

Corona crisis- PM's public curfew supports 7 crore traders, shops will be closed


Will continue to meet the requirement of goods

New Delhi. 7 crore traders of the country have given their support for the prevention and prevention of 'Kovid-19', which has become a global epidemic. Businessmen, accepting Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call for public curfew, have decided to stop trading, meaning there will be no business across the country on 22 March. Around 40 crore employees of the traders will also stay in the house on that day.

The All India Merchants Confederation (CAT), a leading organization of traders, today reported that the leaders of merchant organizations of various markets have 21 to prevent infection of Kovid-19. Has decided to keep markets and shops closed from 23 March. However, drug shops and dairy and general consumption shops will remain open. Three days later, the strategy will be decided only after reviewing the situation.

CAT National President BC Indian and National General Secretary Pravin Khandelwal said that this initiative of the Prime Minister is a threat to the threat of Corona virus in the community. There is a national practice of not changing the transmission which is very important. He said that where traders will join the public curfew, CAT has also interacted with other sections of the retail business such as transport, small scale industries, hawkers, self-entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs etc. and all these sections also Will join the campaign.

Khandelwal said that at present there is enough supply in the supply chain of the country, but in many parts of the country people have panic Hridari has started and if it is not stopped will come very soon reduced supply chain. In the public curfew, it will also include business organizations of states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh. Merchants from far-flung areas such as North East, Jammu and Kashmir, Andaman and Nicobar, Lakshadweep, Pondicherry will also enthusiastically join this campaign.

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