Congress is doing politics against India: Kiran Maheshwari

Congress is doing politics against India: Kiran Maheshwari


Udaipur (Udaipur). Former Higher Education Minister and MLA Kiran Maheshwari condemned the futile criticism of the Central Government (Government) by the Congress President and party leaders during the national tragedy and said that the Congress Party is doing politics of opposition to India in the name of BJP opposition. The statements of Congress leaders are merely an attempt to plunge the morale of the people of the country and to pave the struggle against the Corona epidemic.

Kiran said that the United Nations World Health Organization And in many countries of the world, the strategy of Narendra Modi government (Government) against the corona epidemic has been widely appreciated. Looking at the statements of Congress leaders in electronic media and newspapers, it seems as if they are upset due to the low casualties due to the Corona epidemic in the country. In the face of epidemic crisis, the Central Government has made efforts to maintain the morale of the public and complete arrangement of food and water for the general public. All of us should do our best to rise above politics and raise the morale of the people and the country at this time.

Kiran Maheshwari has appreciated the Narendra Modi government (government) for the fact that without any political discrimination and prejudice. Gave full support to all the states of India and gave timely guidance to face this crisis

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