Central and Chhattisgarh government face to face with IT Red

Central and Chhattisgarh government face to face with IT Red


20 vehicles of officers of IT department seized by police

Raipur. In Chhattisgarh, there is a chill between the Congress Baghel and the central government once again. After the mega raid of the Income Tax Department, the police has taken a big action. Traffic police of Raipur has seized about 20 vehicles of the officials of Income Tax Department. Actually, the Income Tax Department team was going to take action on Friday morning. Prior to this, the police have confiscated their vehicles. Top officials say that the vehicles were parked in no parking, so the traffic police have seized the vehicles. At present, all the vehicles are kept in the police line.

In fact, after the change of power in Chhattisgarh, the Income Tax Department on Thursday took the biggest action and acted on the whereabouts of five close to the government, including CS Vivek Dhand, Chief Minister's Secretariat. Among them were Secretary IAS Anil Tuteja, Raipur Mayor Ejaz Dhebar, Hotel Businessman Gurcharan Singh Hora, Liquor Businessman Amolak Singh Bhatia. It is believed that IT was going to take action on Friday, but before that, the police seized their vehicles.
The drivers of the vehicle say that the Income Tax Department officials had called the car. Trains have been seized by saying no in parking. The drivers said that the police have taken this action by the top officials. Vehicles have been confiscated directly instead of challan making. The drivers say they were ready to get the challan, but the police did not listen to them. They were not even given the papers kept in vehicles.

After the police action, politics has started in the state. In the case, BJP spokesperson Sanjay Srivastava says that such action of the state government on the central level action is wrong. This will spoil the image of the state government. At the same time, Congress spokesperson RP Singh says that the vehicles will be in no parking, then action will be taken. If anyone feels that this action is wrong, then go to court. On the matter, Health Minister TS Singh says that there should not be a beat conflict between the Center and the State. All parties should do such work that is visible under the arrangement. If there is any other reason for action, it will not be called right. He said that there is no action under Badlapur or which pur.

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