Breaking the national level record by performing major cancer screening of most patients


Udaipur. Pacific Dental College and Hospital, Debari, Wonder Cement Ltd., Nimbahera, Indian Dental Association, Udaipur Branch and Lifescan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., a major cancer screening and awareness program was organized in the Wonder Cement Plant premises on World Cancer Day under joint auspices of Pune. Inauguration Wonder Cement Chairman S.K. It was done by M. Joshi and Vice President Nitin Jain.

Chief Convenor Dr. Kailash Asawa said that under this, 3008 patients were examined at one place in a single day and set a national record in India Book of Records. The examination of the mouth of the patients started at 6 am which lasted till 5 pm. The Chief Coordinator of the program, Dr. Mridula Talk and Dr. Jagdish Jadek, said that the patients were examined by a special instrument Velcope to tell the initial changes in cancer within 2 minutes. This machine evaporates the earliest signs of cancer by irradiation. In this camp, a total of 8 Wellscope Lifescan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Provided by Pune. Navneet Choubey of the company stated that this latest technology has brought a new change in the field of oral cancer prevention and treatment and this technology is being adopted globally.

The chief guest of the closing ceremony was Marathi film actress Meera Sarang. . Bishwadeep Chaudhary provided certificates from the India Book of Records. A team of 70 dental practitioners including Dr. Suresh Dashora, Dr. Sandeep Jain, Dr. Pulipit Chaturvedi, Dr. Anirudh Hinge, Dr. Tulip Chakravarthy, Dr. Sagarika Grover, Dr. Nusrat Rizvi, in setting up this record. Collaborated.

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