Bread can also change luck, try it once

Bread can also change luck, try it once


Bread, cloth and house are the 3 first needs of human being. There are some such measures of bread that we find in books which surprise us. Let us know about some such rotis that can change our destiny.

After baking the first roti in the kitchen of the house, put pure ghee in it and cut it into four pieces and put kheer or sugar or jaggery on all the four pieces. One of these should be given to a cow, the other to a dog, the third to a crow and the fourth to a beggar. Under this measure, feeding bread to the cow will remove pity, feeding the dog with bread will remove hostility, feeding bread to the crows will remove pityred and kalsarp dosha and feeding the last piece of bread to a poor or hungry person with food is economical. Troubles will go away and bad things will start to happen.

If Saturn is suffering in your life or if there are obstacles of Rahu-Ketu, then this remedy of roti can prove to be a panacea for you. To remove the inauspiciousness of all these planets, apply black dog to mustard oil by applying mustard oil on the last roti made at night. If a black dog is not available, then you can do this remedy by feeding any dog's child.

In our place, the guest has been treated like a deity, whether he is rich or a common man. If any poor or beggar comes to the door of your house, then make sure to get food as much as possible. Must also feed bread in food or serve it by hand.

If success is not being felt by your hands then this remedy of bread can prove to be a boon for you. Mix small pieces of bread and sugar and put it around the bill for the ants to eat. With this remedy, your obstacles will start to be overcome gradually.

If the peace of your home is noticed by anyone and fighting is going on every day, then you must try the miraculous remedy related to roti. In the afternoon, when you bake the first roti in your kitchen, take it out for the cow and the last roti for the dog. Try to feed the cow and dog before feeding him. If it is not possible, then feed him later.

If there is a hindrance in the career, if you are not getting a job, then take this remedy. Take the third number bread from the bottom of the kataradan, dip your middle finger and index finger ie the big finger close together in the oil bowl, now draw a line with both fingers on that bread. Now put this bread to two colored dogs without saying anything. If you take this measure on Thursday or Sunday, then every obstacle in your career will be overcome.

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