BJP's real face revealed, Jharkhand will not embrace their pulse- Hemant Soren

BJP's real face revealed, Jharkhand will not embrace their pulse- Hemant Soren


Ranchi .. Hemant Soren, the Chief Minister of Jharkhand and Executive Chairman of Mukti Morcha, has said that reacting to the fresh political crisis that has arisen in Madhya Pradesh and said that the whole face of the BJP has been revealed by this whole episode, this of the BJP Character is not new, in the past also there have been many such instances throughout the country, in which BJP has played a role in such political manipulation. He said that BJP talks about political concern, but the party is taking things in this way.

Hemant Soren challenged that BJP should come to Jharkhand and see, their pulses are not going to melt here. All the MLAs of Jharkhand are united. He also claimed that UPA will win both seats in the Rajya Sabha elections. On the politics of Madhya Pradesh, Hemant Soren said that such incidents can be gauged as to which level of politics is going today, yet things are yet to be done about Madhya Pradesh, let's see what? It happens.

The way in which those people are misusing power, they are adopting political gimmicks, we also understand it. On the question of anticipating the same situation in Rajasthan, Maharashtra and then Jharkhand after Madhya Pradesh, the Chief Minister said that if he (BJP) is allowed to come to Jharkhand, the scene will be seen here. He said that all his political activities are on watch. In response to a question on the BJP's uproar over the demand of giving the status of Leader of Opposition to Babulal Marandi in the Assembly, the Chief Minister said that if he has to create a ruckus, then the Speaker will take a decision according to the law.

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