Bihar: Doctors perform surgery after fetus of 1.5 kg from 6 month old baby’s stomach


Patna. In Bihar, a case of an undesired fetus has been exposed in the stomach of a 6-month-old baby, due to which people are shocked. Here in the infant department of Patna Medical College Hospital (PMCH), after successful surgery of a child of six and a half months, the fetus was removed from the stomach. A new life has been given by removing a fetus weighing one and a half kilograms from the baby's belly.

Dr. Amarendra Kumar, surgeon of the Department of Infants at PMCH, said, 'A baby weighing 250 kg in the stomach of a child who is about six and a half months old Was After investigation by the team of pediatric department, the fetus was extracted after successful operation of the newborn. Not only this, the fetus in the baby's stomach was growing with the passage of time. When the child was two months old, the problem of flatulence had started to arise. ”

He said that the doctors of Buxar had referred PMCH to Irrfan saying that he had a tumor in his stomach. Department Head Dr. Amarendra Kumar says that one in five lakh children get to see such a case. He said that usually in such cases the fetus is not able to develop much, but in this fetus, organs like hands, feet, stomach etc. were also formed. Dr. Kumar said that once such a matter had come up in his student life and after that this wonder has been seen. He said that the fetus has been kept safe.

Mohammad Naeemuddin, the father of a child living in Buxar, Bihar, said, "He came here on January 20 with his child." At that time, after a city scan of the child, the fetus was detected inside the tumor in his stomach. 'Irfan's father congratulated the entire team of doctors for this.

When this news spread in PMCH, there was a chance to see the child. The crowd thronged. After this successful operation, the HOD of the Department of Children has thanked the hard work of their team. Here, Dr. Amarendra says that at the moment the child is healthy after the operation. However, the next 48 hours are very important for the child. Nothing can be said for 48 hours. However, he also said that there is every hope of the child getting healthy and going home. However, this unique case is being discussed everywhere.

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