Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in a new trouble


London. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is caught in a new mess. Actually, the brother of Bezos' girlfriend Lauren Sanchez has filed a defamation suit against him. Lauren Sanchez's brother Michael Sanchez alleges that Bezos has tarnished his reputation, causing him huge losses. Actually, in January last year, an agency published a conversation between his girlfriend.

Bezos accused Lauren's brother Michel Sanchez of selling photos and messages to the newspaper. Not only this, the English newspaper also revealed the role of Michael Sanchez in his report in Bezos' phone tapping scandal last week.

Now Michel has filed a defamation suit against Bezos in court, saying this is wrong. In the application in the court, Michael has said that he has suffered huge losses in every way due to Bezos' allegations. In front of the neighbors, the FBI raided his residence in search of evidence. However, during the FBI investigation, evidence was found that Lauren had personally given photos and messages to her brother Michael, who Michael sold to an agency. The world's richest man, Jeff Bezos, divorced his wife McKenzie last year, which was described as the largest divorce settlement in history.

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