Action on black marketing of masks and sanitizers

Action on black marketing of masks and sanitizers


Udaipur (Udaipur). In connection with the guidelines received regarding Corona virus, action was taken by the team constituted by District Collector Smt. Anandi at various places in the city for raids and irregularities were found.

District Logistics Officer Jyoti Kakwani told That by the team of Divisional Consumer Protection Officer Jaimal Rathod, Drug Controller Officer Dheeraj Sharma and Enforcement Officer Ramchandra Tripathi Action was taken against the Colony based Laxmi Pharma under the Rules of Legal Metrology (Canned Items) Rules, 2011. In the meantime, legal metrology on declaration of packages such as manufacturer's name, date of manufacture, toll-free number in case of complaint, sale number, MRP etc. under the provisions of Package Commodity Rules 2011 on mask packets available on Laxmi Pharma A case was also registered against the firm by the officer, Udaipur.

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