A sudden fire broke out in a moving car in Udaipur


Udaipur. A huge fire broke out in a moving car near the Jhamarkotda toll block on Salumbar Road in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. Shortly after the fire, the car burned to full ash. It was told that the fire had already spread in the car by the time the driver could understand something. After this, the car turned into a circle of fire.

However, the car driver saved his life by jumping from the car. During this time, the people present on the spot immediately informed the fire department. After this, a fire engine train reached the spot on the information of the people. During this time, after a lot of effort, somehow the fire in the car was controlled. On the information of the people, the Savina police station also reached the spot and took information about this incident from the car driver. It was told that the car driver was coming from Salumbar Road towards Udaipur. Police have prima facie believed the cause of the fire to be a short circuit in the car. However, the police is investigating this horrific accident.

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